A-Hâ’s Egg Cake*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2022 - June 2022
Raymond Lau
6 minutes
TMFF Awards:
June Winner - Animation of the Month


“How long have you not been home since you worked in a foreign country?” With the theme of young people and grandparenting, it describes the heroine who was brought up by Grandma and working away from home. One day the heroine returned to her hometown in Taichung when Grandma was ill. The heroine finds a wooden box full of memories that have broken in the grandmother’s room. Through the process of repairing the wooden box, she goes through the streets and reminds her all memories of the family love, and gradually reveals the unspoken love. In this film, the out-of-town heroine who returns to her hometown leads the audience into her life and shows the culture of Taichung. The core spindle of the story tells not only the relationship between grandma and granddaughter but also hopes to bring everyone a growth story with the memory of Taichung City.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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