A Fistful of Tickets
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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
3 minutes
Billy Dudley


Time is of the essence when a man must get to his destination before it’s too late. He soon faces off against a menacing opponent…



  • Chelsie Brociek

    Really enjoyed it! Great humour that we can all relate to, and it’s really cleverly shot!

  • Great film, brilliant use of sound effects and the tension was superb, well done Craig!

    Great film, brilliant use of sound effects and the tension was superb, well done Craig!

  • Ayesha

    Fantastic – the suspense was good and it was shot extremely well! It was also funny! Well done!

  • David

    Interesting film!

  • Charles

    Great film!

  • Dave

    Well I didn’t expect that!!

  • Giovanna Afonso Zagury

    Nice film. It really made me smile, well done!

  • Steve

    Brilliant play on an old film concept. The tension, superb and very well played out with humorous tone through out.

  • Damoon

    Great !!!

  • Soroush

    Beautifull short film????

  • Jonas Lee

    I loved the sound effects…. But the unexpected end was amazing…

  • Hannah

    Very good use of humour and the tension build up was great πŸ™‚ I need a to get a car with a automatic boot now ☺️ Very good short film! Bravo !

  • D Screen

    Bravo!!! Professionally done would love to be a part felt like I was there

  • Francois Laudo

    Well done mate. Gets my vote!!

  • Trond E. Haveland

    Very nice! ..I didn’t see the ‘draw’, before it sprang. This could be twisted into an advertisement for a car that have strong solid and fast response on their springs. I think a car manufacturer would have loved the humorous spinn on that one, and used it on their Facebook.

  • Kev Barnard

    Great fun and well put together. Love the little scene with the curtains. Kept the suspense going nicely. Just the kind of surprise we’d all like to spring on a traffic warden!

  • Edo Passarella

    Amazing opera!

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