• Past, Future, Now (TRAILER)

      While the nightmares she sees in her daily life turn into delusions and hallucinations, Arzu decides to apply to the hospital. The owner of this hospital takes people on a journey in their own minds. Arzu’s wish is […]

    Jun 29, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Ferit Doğan
  • Jingle Hell*

      A pregnant woman and her husband spend Christmas Eve in a secluded cabin with the hope of reconnecting with her estranged sister. But when a masked snowman begins terrorizing them, the family must fight tooth and nail to […]

    Jun 27, 2023
    United States 29 Minutes Sean Cruser
  • Calber Island (TRAILER)

      Calber Island blends nostalgia and innocence with the edginess of sci-fi action, bringing audiences to the edge of their seats in this suspenseful thriller. Strong faith undertones invite audiences to reflect on the meaning of the film’s allegory-like […]

    May 31, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Kristen Butler
  • A Little Glass of Rum (TRAILER)

      After grieving over the murder of his wife and son, a prison guard dines with the killer for his last meal.  

    Mar 31, 2023
    United States 1 Minutes Lauren Keller
  • The 13th Hour

      Anna is in a toxic relationship. She wanders the streets of Rouen in search of a solution to free herself from it. But is she even capable of it?   https://vimeo.com/792558464 Password: CoolAl89!

    Feb 25, 2023
    France 2 Minutes Xavier Tesson
  • The Cadaver (TRAILER)

      Three medical schools students organize a spoofing ritual on the school cadaver for fun. The results of this ritual will be fatal.  

    Jan 30, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Volkan Özgümüş
  • Interviewing Lance Masterson*

      In 1970’s Georgia, notorious criminal–Lance Masterson has finally been arrested, but do they have enough on him to put him away for good?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jan 10, 2023
    Ireland 18 Minutes Sohaila Lindheim
  • Little Love Story*

      A man fell in love with a deceased girl.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Dec 15, 2022
    Italy 17 Minutes Davide Serra
  • The Family Man*

      Roger is the perfect Family man, but he keeps secrets , secrets that must be buried deep.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Dec 10, 2022
    United Kingdom 27 Minutes Velton J Lishke, Joshua Blewitt
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