• Dog Days*

      When a young boy named Max wishes for a puppy on his 8th birthday, a magical puff of smoke brings a balloon dog to life instead. Though at first hesitant, Max soon learns to love and accept his […]

    Aug 7, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Hailey Bair
  • Beneath*

      Set in a flooded city – used for fishing, a girl becomes fixated by the sea life and stumbles across the consequences of neglecting ocean life.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Aug 7, 2023
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Nina Rees-Stevens
  • Lucid Dream (TRAILER)

      In an accident, Lin Muer dies, and Lin Mu Yu accidentally finds her registration form for a speech contest. She aspires to be as confident as her sister, so she decides to enter the contest.  

    Jul 31, 2023
    China 1 Minutes Kei Cheung

      Inviting his girlfriend to dinner one evening, Gökhan wants to show her a new piece of art he just bought. However, the effects of this work of art increase the tension between the couple and the sense of […]

    Jul 31, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Berk Köse, Ferit Doğan
  • The Best for Beef*

      A kind cat named Beef is thrown out of his original home only to be impulsively adopted by two roommates.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jul 6, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Yeng Madayag
  • The Thinking Cleaner

      The main character erases his memory every day and becomes empty. And while wandering to regain himself, he eats any memory in the memory archive. The memory was not his own memory, so he completely loses who he […]

    Jul 6, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Jeongeun Lee

      Musa (65), who was sensitive in fulfilling his religious duties, had only one shortcoming in this regard: To perform the duty of Hajj. He has made all the necessary preparations. He is waiting for his name to emerge […]

    Jun 29, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Sevin Kaplan Akan
  • Past, Future, Now (TRAILER)

      While the nightmares she sees in her daily life turn into delusions and hallucinations, Arzu decides to apply to the hospital. The owner of this hospital takes people on a journey in their own minds. Arzu’s wish is […]

    Jun 29, 2023
    Turkey 1 Minutes Ferit Doğan
  • Whenever I see the sun (TRAILER)

      Sophie is reserved, introverted and daydreams at school. Her classmate Frida is completely different. Unlike Sophie, she is rebellious and a real system breaker. As different as they may be, the two share a special relationship – because […]

    Jun 29, 2023
    Germany 2 Minutes Lukas Kotthaus
  • Water You Thinking*

      On a crowded bus, a boy tries to drink water, but his surroundings cause him anxiety as chaos ensues.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jun 25, 2023
    United States 3 Minutes Justin Armstrong
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