• Bye Bye Virgins*

      Even though they don’t know each other very much, Inès (14) and Abdel (15) decide to have their « first time » together. The big day arrives and Inès is called to help out a neighbor to babysit […]

    France 22 Minutes
  • Bridging Color*

      An arrogant, World famous painter becomes colorblind and realize that what he see is not always what it seems.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Bridging Color Film Review

    Korea 23 Minutes
  • Boxgirls

      Life is not easy in a place like Kariobangi (Nairobi), and it is even worse if we talk about girls and women. Poverty, crime, drugs, rape and other violations that the female boxers of Boxgirls try to avoid […]

    Spain 19 Minutes
  • Uncanny Valley

      In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.     Uncanny Valley Film Review

    Argentina 8 Minutes
  • Signs of an artist*

      Signs of the artist is a short experimental group derived from a device inspired by Lacanian posters, under the artistic experimentation Project “reincarnations”. Faced with an issue of common interest, participants explored from its own feature and interrogation […]

    Argentina 19 Minutes
  • In Front of the Spider**

      The small Centaur told to Carolina that before coming to Mount Peace had to traverse the maze of spiders. A small place but full of corridors at the end of which lived a spider but one that led […]

    Spain 13 Minutes
  • Prison at Home*

      In a near future where citizens are able to host a prisoner at their home in return for a stipend, a young father tries to save his crumbling marriage by applying to this new experiment but he starts […]

    France 19 Minutes
  • Back to the Wall

      DU Dance (NI’s) inter-generational dance project Alternative Energies seeks to address the growing communication gap between different generations of people and, through a creative process, to encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge. Back to […]

    United Kingdom 7 Minutes
  • The Fruit of Love, and Chance

      Marion and Mehdi love each other but are torn apart by their separate aspirations: he’s desperately looking for a job, she’s only wishing for a baby. Strangely, when they break up a new story begins: the fruit of […]

    France 18 Minutes
  • Happiness Lives Here*

      How a philosophy class on happiness in Aristotle can be understood in three different schools? And if schools are in three different continents? The answer lies in the words of Portuguese, Brazilian and African children.   *Only a […]

    Brazil 15 Minutes
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