• Petra*

      Petra’s return to her family’s old house after 25 years jump starts her journey into mental darkness as she discovers who she really is.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Petra Film Review

    Jun 17, 2019
    Cyprus 17 Minutes Andreas Avgousti

      Leonard, a magician, decides to set up a circus troupe of unusual artists. His intention is not to show their monstrosity but rather to change people’s attitudes through the audience’s acceptance of them. However, not everyone is ready […]

    Jun 5, 2019
    France 30 Minutes Jordan Inconstant
  • Sif

      Sif, a young girl living with her father and younger brother in the Viking era sees a mysterious flaming object crash down from the sky. Her adventurous nature compels her to investigate what happened.    Sif Film […]

    Apr 18, 2019
    Iceland 28 Minutes Arnar Freyr Tómasson, Stefán Mekkinósson
  • Verte*

      Clara is a college girl who lives a perfect life as a popular student, surrounded by classmates and friends who would like to be like her, and enjoy her company. Her success in social media is great and […]

    Apr 1, 2019
    Guatemala, Spain 7 Minutes Chisco Valdés, Alejandro Sanchez
  • Creators – The Past (TRAILER)

      An impressive galactic alignment is taking place and it will affect every life form in the cosmos. The Universe is ruled and supervised by eight Gods, the Creators. In a distant age, they forged a tool that could […]

    Mar 30, 2019
    Italy 2 Minutes Piergiuseppe Zaia

      From the far side of the west, she moved to this island for nature’s beauty. Feeling the emptiness in the new surroundings, she will find the mystic side of the island she still haven’t seen.  

    Mar 26, 2019
    Japan 9 Minutes Hiroshi Negishi, Hiroki Baba
  • Where’s Hogarth? (TRAILER)

      Dealing with the loss of his father and after running away from home. Hogarth, the adolescent young man finds himself on an adventure with his new friend until things seem to get out of hand.  

    Jan 30, 2019
    United States 1 Minutes Jawsh Ojeda, Brayden Demorest-Purdy
  • “Brón” by Saor*

      Music video for the track “Brón” by atmospheric black metal band Saor taken from their upcoming album “Forgotten Paths” set to be released in February 2019 on Avantgarde Music   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jan 7, 2019
    Ireland 7 Minutes Anaïs Mulgrew
  • Love Note

      Will we forget how to write letters? Will we avoid going outdoor, if there is no more need to, when everything can easily be done from home? One of the ‚Vermächtnisstudie‘ core results says: the younger the Germans […]

    Dec 11, 2018
    Germany 5 Minutes Marcus Hanisch
  • Teatro a Palazzo*

      A dark fantasy story about love and revenge, where nothing exists except what is not real. At the theater you don’t represent yourself as an identity and you don’t play a role, but you show your personal point […]

    Dec 5, 2018
    Italy 24 Minutes Roberto Caldi
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