• To The Sky*

      A heartwarming tale of a grieving young inventor and his hopes to go to the sky.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Canada 13 Minutes
  • Nobody, Not Even The Rain

      Three sisters, Ruby, Joyce and Annette, received an invitation from Saul, their dad, inviting his daughters to his fourth wedding. After agreement and disagreement, a long bathing and fourteen hours on the road, they arrive while everybody is preparing […]

    France 35 Minutes
  • Pressure-Man*

      John, a slaving accountant, who struggles between family and work while he is under control by a clownish “Pressure-Man”.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 9 Minutes
  • Doug

      A story of friendship between a troubled little boy and his imaginary friend as they struggle to accept a new family.   Doug | Award Winning Short Film from Tom Fordham on Vimeo.

    United Kingdom 13 Minutes
  • Max and Aimee*

      A drama about a man’s struggle with dementia and his last connection with his daughter. The story follows Max, an aging man suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Aimee, a nurse that comes to his house to take care of […]

    United States 15 Minutes
  • MUET*

      In the late 1920’s,a passionate musician accompanies the movies with live music in a theater. A young woman comes every night to listen to him. But the talkies conquer the little theatre, and the pianist is soon to […]

    France, Italy, Switzerland 10 Minutes
  • Damnation*

      Based on real history. In 2014 there were an average of 189 evictions in Spain daily, 2 evictions every 15 minutes. This eviction was carried out at 5:00 PM.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Spain 7 Minutes
  • Look at Me

      A film about Mary, her son and reflections about a past relationship that didn’t quite cut the mustard.  

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • The Fruit of Love, and Chance

      Marion and Mehdi love each other but are torn apart by their separate aspirations: he’s desperately looking for a job, she’s only wishing for a baby. Strangely, when they break up a new story begins: the fruit of […]

    France 18 Minutes
  • The Bench

      A story about two separate benches, two distinctive ages, two interesting habits…Until one decision makes two stories become one.     The Bench Film Review

    United Kingdom 6 Minutes
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