• The Fall (TRAILER)

      I have made a pact with myself that I will never cross the bridge at night Imagine someone throwing himself into the water…  

    Feb 27, 2023
    Iran 1 Minutes Mohammad Norouzi Darestani
  • Abortion (TRAILER)

      The story of this movie is about the life struggle of 6 women. These 6 women had to be tortured and humiliated at different different times in their lives by the men of our Indian society. After that […]

    Feb 27, 2023
    India 2 Minutes Dr Shubhra Basu Aich
  • Echoes of the Dunes

      “Echoes of the Dunes” is a mesmerizing visual art film featuring Kay Page as a lone dancer in the stunning desert landscape.  

    Feb 21, 2023
    Portugal 1 Minutes Filipe Martins
  • Lessons in Exile

      In a fast-paced game of “Catch-me-if-you-can”, the female figures in Lessons in Exile playfully disrupt and distort the audience’s expectations of autonomy, gaze, and time and its linearity.  

    Feb 4, 2023
    United States 3 Minutes Azariah Jones
  • Silent

      A young woman’s life slowly spirals out of control.  

    Dec 4, 2022
    Slovenia 6 Minutes Ariana Graph, Ana Roza Cimperman
  • Gynarchy*

      A post-apocalyptic manless experimental tale of a three-generation family of women that navigate life in an all-female colony that is interrupted when they find an opposing group of knights that keeps men alive but captive.   *Only a […]

    Dec 4, 2022
    United States 12 Minutes Kelly Sarri
  • Where I’m From*

      A surrealist psychological film that delves into the psyche of two artists whose paths collide and dreams become synchronized as they face their shadow and unmask their true selves.   *Only a teaser is available for now. Where […]

    Dec 4, 2022
    Canada 29 Minutes Sina Nazarian
  • Nowhere on Earth can I settle*

      It looks like a story without punctuation but it is a portrait of a dear lost place. And it was the place of my father’s last farewell. A place that becomes an emotional space and tells of things […]

    Nov 3, 2022
    Italy 6 Minutes Antonella Susanna Olimpia Bersani
  • The Scent of Lilac*

      Having experienced the fall of the Homo Sapiens civilization, Oyo embarks on an obsessive quest: to remember the image of a fish. Through this initiatory journey, where memory and oblivion merge, he will try to transmit his knowledge […]

    Nov 2, 2022
    France 12 Minutes Benjamin Normand
  • State of Flux

      This is an experiment that explores a woman inner journey using colours as input and body improvisation as tool to research and develop changes.  

    Nov 2, 2022
    Italy 4 Minutes Sarah Pandolfini
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