• From that Moment*

      From that Moment is a film about a trip to the past, where the main character, through recordings made in super 8 films and audio messages from her family, comes into contact with her memories, her uncle’s messages, […]

    Apr 17, 2022
    Brazil 7 Minutes Patricia Mendonça Tebet
  • Life is One Shot (TRAILER)

      I am Salar, Autism Spectrum Disorder. That’s it. I have a problem that I can not talk about. I wanted to make a film but no one helped me. One person always directs and the others act. But […]

    Mar 30, 2022
    Iran 1 Minutes Hassan Mokhtari
  • Resistance Sahara (TRAILER)

      Resistance Sahara, a haunting yet playful exploration of the liminal space between experimental, documentary, and fictive filmmaking, presents an artistic response to the Sahrawi refugee crisis from the frozen war in Western Sahara. Bringing international artists from a […]

    Mar 30, 2022
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes SIDAL ERGÜDER
  • This is Forever*

      With dreams of being the best ancestor she can be for her teenage son, an Indigenous Bolivian single mother applies for a Visa to remain in the UK while embarking on a journey of healing the wounds of […]

    Mar 29, 2022
    United Kingdom 15 Minutes Susy Pena
  • Limbo*

      Desperate man held in captivity tries to break out from a never ending time loop using his ability to travel back in time.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Mar 11, 2022
    United Kingdom 10 Minutes Anssi Lindstrom
  • M

      Maksim suffers a psychotic breakdown after a string of murders.   https://vimeo.com/679512729 Password: whatsaythee M Film Review

    Mar 10, 2022
    United Kingdom 7 Minutes Victor De Almeida
  • Yalda Night (TRAILER)

      During the longest night, the woman gives birth upstairs while the man cooks dinner.   

    Feb 27, 2022
    Turkey 1 Minutes Elifnaz Yılmazcan
  • How To Be Not Perfect (TRAILER)

      The film is 8 minutes long and it is about the life circle of the artwork. It depicts the process of creating an artwork starting from a bare canvas to the final signature. The main character of the […]

    Feb 27, 2022
    Armenia 2 Minutes David Sarkissian
  • June*

      June is a story about the fragility of life; the primal forces that drive and control us and the mystery of hope and new beginnings. Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to […]

    Feb 10, 2022
    New Zealand 14 Minutes Dwayne Cameron
  • Everything is Completely Fine

      Izzy’s unusual habit of smiling at her own reflection before turning off the light each night is an attempt to capture a positive image to end the day, like taking a photograph. But pop psychology tricks like smiling […]

    Jan 30, 2022
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Andrew Stevenson, Joseph Bisat Marshall
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