• Don’t Frack Our Future

      Don’t Frack our Future is a provocative documentary, which seeks to explore the growing opposition to the controversial debate on fracking in the UK. From the stance of anti- campaigners, It challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is […]

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
  • Worst Shark Attack Ever

      Worst Shark Attack Ever is a brand new short (21 minute) environmental documentary with an introduction by Leonardo DiCaprio and cameos by The Cure and MGMT which explores the horrific carnage humans inflict upon sharks. We cruelly slaughter […]

    Costa Rica 21 Minutes
  • The Door*

      We are paving all over the planet and losing a lot of cropland. What if the formidable story of the extinction of the Planet Lingo Three is happening on Earth? What if it is not a literary fiction […]

    Brazil 21:39 Minutes
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