Galápagos, The Enchanted Islands*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Lanceau Yves
52 minutes
TMFF Awards:
June Nominee - Best Feature Film


After a brief historical account of the genesis of the archipelago, we are sailing from one island to another on the footsteps of Charles Darwin. At first, there was only solidified lava. Still, thousands of years later, the Galapagos have become one of the most popular destinations for naturalists worldwide. Numerous birds live in the islands, like the famous finch Darwin, and the waved albatross, those sea giants with a ridiculous walk. The eared seals are present on all the great islands and some islets. Being by their side on a marvelous beach, swimming with them leave truly moving memories. The male sea iguanas are very attached to their territory and do not hesitate as to confront each other in an impressive clash of heads. Only a very small part of the archipelago is open to visitors. Closely supervised, these incursions on the islands are fully respectful of the environment and wild life. It is extraordinary to discover than these animals are not afraid of man. The preservation of these enchanted islands must be maintained at all costs.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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