• Smoking Kills (TRAILER)

      A lackluster smoker makes the startling discovery that each cigarette that he consumes ends up brutally killing somebody close to him, leading to a gruesome nightmare of guilt and addiction as he struggles to quit a habit that […]

    Mar 30, 2021
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Harry Pages

      It is the luckiest day of Pietro, a boy who tries to survive by avoiding duties and responsibilities. Driven by external forces to an unusual take on courage, he find in his hands an opportunity for work that […]

    Oct 10, 2020
    Italy 14 Minutes Tommaso Burbuglini
  • Display Home*

      “Play happy families” In the near now, Revival Realty are selling the perfect family home. For recently bereaved parents Ed and Lotti, they want their house fully-furnished. No questions asked. Terina is an actor, auditioning for the role […]

    Oct 8, 2020
    Australia 16 Minutes Dan Walls
  • The Sugar Grocer (TRAILER)

      Salih is a neighborhood grocery living alone in a monotonous life. One day with an order coming while Salih is sitting at the grocery store, he will come out of this monotony and experience the most traumatic day […]

    Sep 29, 2020
    Turkey 1 Minutes Ferman Narin
  • Diagnosis*

      Eden waits in a hospital for his Diagnosis – the news isn’t good, he has 7 months to live. What will be die of? A car accident. Meanwhile, Jo is given medical news of a different nature, leaving […]

    Aug 17, 2020
    Australia 11 Minutes Byron Keane
  • A Simple Robbery

      Becky and Stacey are two friends who enjoys taking money from wealthy men. But tragedy strikes when a robbery didn’t go as planned.  

    Aug 9, 2020
    United Kingdom 13 Minutes Blake Ridder
  • Leakage

      When the leakage on the roof, once again threatens to form the proverbial drop for the stressed tailor Charlie and his artistic neighbor, Jamal, their elusive neighbor makes them an unexpected offer.   https://www.48hourfilm.com/nl/eindhoven-nl/films/4214 Leakage Film Review

    Jan 2, 2020
    Netherlands 7 Minutes Marc Eikelenboom
  • The Lost Scot

      After a clay shoot goes wrong, a miserable cynic, an alcoholic and an accountant find themselves lost in the Scottish Moorlands with the body of a gamekeeper.      The Lost Scot Film Review

    Nov 16, 2019
    United Kingdom 14 Minutes Julien Cornwall
  • The Great Charade*

      Everyone knows Ryan Sterling and Amara Giovanni. The world’s most talented actors. Everyone wants to be them, or be with them. Far from the lights of Hollywood, Ryan and Amara awake, bound and bruised, with no inkling of […]

    Oct 1, 2019
    United Kingdom 90 Minutes Rodeo Strange, Daniel Strange
  • Eugene vs Humanity*

      When a misanthrope finds his ever-growing frustration with society too much to bear, his temper boils over, leading him to commit an act of violence.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Eugene vs Humanity Film Review

    Jun 25, 2019
    United States 29 Minutes Michael David Charles Hicks
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