• Penny*

      Penny finds herself getting closer to office colleague Gregg, but her dark secret might get in the way of romance.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
  • Pasquale’s Magic Veal

      A DARK COMEDY about a “magic piece of veal” that forces all who eat it to speak the TRUTH. # A Sopranos reunion that is anything but Sopranos. Film was shot in May 2016 and finished in August […]

    United States 21 Minutes
  • Pockets

      “Pockets” is a subtle, darkly comic drama centred on the chance encounter of two despairing strangers, Martina and Tom, on a bench by an idyllic, rural lakeside.   <

    Ireland 11 Minutes
  • I Can Change*

      When his son is attacked by a herding dog in the park, Martin’s seemingly harmonious family is shaken. As the father, he can merely look on helplessly, while his son records his impotence with a camcorder.   < […]

    Belgium 21 Minutes
  • Bullock the Bruiser**

      After hospitalizing a controversial public figure, Wilson Bullock was dubbed “The Bruiser” – New York City’s crowbar-wielding crime-fighter! However, the more Bullock indulges his petty superhero identity, the more danger he attracts to himself. With nothing other than […]

    United States 40 Minutes
  • Sunnyside

      Working in an office processing the details of the soon-to-be deceased can be rather grim, especially when the next name on the list is a friend and co-worker.

    United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • Brian & the Grim Reaper*

      A young man with a year to live must literally live with Death, only to find that he’s the housemate from Hell.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • Nine Lives

      Grant and Tom have one job – drive an undisclosed piece of cargo to the desired destination. But when things turn ugly, they are forced to take control of a situation no man. woman or child would ever […]

    United Kingdom 6 Minutes
  • Howell*

      Howell is attending a supporters group metting, along with others that share his condition. He has many issues…but he is trying his best to find himself.   *Only a teaser is available for now.    Howell Film Review

    United Kingdom 4 Minutes
  • Lust

      Two very different couples share dinner, as well as political and religious views as varied as they are.  

    United States 6 Minutes
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