• I Am Mine*

      After a bold decision, a teenager faces sorrow and judgment of a conservative society in this coming-of-age story.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Brazil 24 Minutes
  • Apples – Thunder&Co.

      Nociceptors are the sensory neurons which allow us to feel pain. They’re the ones responsible for letting us experience hurt. Apples is the chosen single from Nociceptor. Giving you a false notion of optimism through the lively drums, […]

    Portugal 4 Minutes
  • Attachment

    The attachment as a liaison in emotional relationships.  

    Spain 3 Minutes
  • Signs of an artist*

      Signs of the artist is a short experimental group derived from a device inspired by Lacanian posters, under the artistic experimentation Project “reincarnations”. Faced with an issue of common interest, participants explored from its own feature and interrogation […]

    Argentina 19 Minutes
  • Sense

      Hotshot painter Dylan Cooper throws a party after a first triumphant gallery showing of his work. Many people have come to celebrate his success, but Dylan only has eye for one; his muse and lover, Alice. While admiring […]

    Netherlands 10 Minutes
  • Tuesday

      I don’t know why people hate Mondays.  

    Spain 5 Minutes
  • Back to the Wall

      DU Dance (NI’s) inter-generational dance project Alternative Energies seeks to address the growing communication gap between different generations of people and, through a creative process, to encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge. Back to […]

    United Kingdom 7 Minutes
  • Your Body is Your Buddha

      The understanding of the world is also expressed through the body which keeps himself in the karmic process information. The choreography by Simona Lisi made for this video are intended to investigate through a process of identification the […]

    Italy 4 Minutes
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