This is a visual document that addresses the concepts of the city, modernity, urban planning and memory from a poetic perspective. Skyscrapers are portrayed as immense receptacles of memories, symbols of the power of cities: figuratively stepping inside […]

    Spain 22 Minutes
  • For My Love Oswald

    A lonely patrol by a serious and gloomy officer inside at a dancing crowd. The silence, the fragmented time and the empty spaces within the cyclic and anonymous excitement among a crowd at a celebration, exploring the tension between […]

    Brazil 02:10 Minutes
  • Nejma**

    At the dawn of her fortieth birthday Nejma a famous dancer sees herself being ejected from the troop with which she have collaborated for years. Threatened by Sbah the new recruit of the troop’s director Nejma felt herself pushed […]

    Tunisia 9 Minutes
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