• The Nun II (2023) (Review)

    I feel like I should review a horror film that I’ve seen at the cinema in the month of October. Disappointingly, though, the offer was extremely limited. I had not heard very good things about the latest Exorcist movie, […]

    Oct 28, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • The Main Characteristics of Irish Cinema

    When you think of Irish culture, leprechauns, shamrocks, and Guinness might come to mind. But there’s so much more to Ireland than these iconic symbols. Irish cinema, in particular, has a unique charm and identity that’s worth exploring. From […]

    Oct 7, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • 7 Great Films About AI

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a hot topic in both the tech world and pop culture for quite some time now. From robots with human-like emotions to supercomputers that can predict the future, AI has captured our imaginations and […]

    Sep 29, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • 5 Mediocre Films that Won Best Picture

    Let’s face it, not every film that takes home the coveted Best Picture Oscar deserves the honor. While the Academy Awards have certainly recognized some cinematic masterpieces over the years, there have been a few head-scratchers in the mix. […]

    Sep 21, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • Interview with JULY 2023 winners: Rory Wilson, Laura Masters and Matt Rolls

    We loved our selection of July films – usually, the summer months are a little bit on the quiet side, however this time the competition was fierce. Among others, we had a very amusing attempt to spice up podcast […]

    Sep 18, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • The Rise and Fall of Found Footage Films

    Picture this: You’re holding a shaky camera in your sweaty palms, your heart racing as you navigate the dark, unknown territory. The screen flickers with each step, capturing your fear and anticipation. This is the world of found footage […]

    Sep 13, 2023
    Julian A. Leu