7 Movies to Look Out For This Summer

Nothing’s better than a warm summer day outside and hitting the movie theatre later in the day. As the summer gets closer, it’s worth knowing what’s coming out as warm weather approaches, especially if you consider yourself a movie buff or fanatic.

In this article, let’s discuss a few key movies to look out for this summer, some more mainstream than others. While there are plenty of worthwhile movies left off this list, pay close attention to the ones listed, add them to your watchlist, and check them out at release time!

Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse

LoglineMiles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.

No matter your feelings on superhero movies, pretty much everyone agrees that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from 2018 is definitely one of the best comic book-adapted films. How will the long-awaited sequel live up? Time will tell, but since it’s been five years, it’ll hopefully live up to expectations.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

LoglineThe plot is unknown at this time.

With the success of sequels like Top Gun: Maverick, why wouldn’t there be a new Indiana Jones in 2023? Not much is known about the plot at this time (at least according to IMDb). All we know is Harrison Ford is back as Indiana Jones, and James Mangold is at the helm. What more could you want?


LoglineTo live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken.

If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, I’m sure you’ve countless Gen Z’s endlessly talk about their excitement for the upcoming expected blockbuster of the summer Barbie. The cast is stacked, it’s a familiar and fun story, and has Greta Gerwig directing; I’m sure it’ll be a hit.


LoglineThe story of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

Pretty much anything Christopher Nolan does is worth talking about, whether it’s a polarizing film like Tenet or one of his more cherished films such as Memento or Dunkirk. We’ll see what Oppenheimer has to offer, but the trailer looks great! Here’s to hoping it’s one of Nolan’s best.

You Hurt My Feelings

LoglineA novelist’s longstanding marriage is suddenly upended when she overhears her husband giving his honest reaction to her latest book.

On the more Indie side of things, you have the upcoming Nicole Holofcener film, You Hurt My Feelings. From what I can tell, it’s a dark comedy that focuses on illuminating the little bits of pain we may feel in everyday life from the perspective of a novelist whose marriage is failing. Sounds like a blast!

Past Lives

LoglineNora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, are wrest apart after Nora’s family emigrates from South Korea. 20 years later, they are reunited for one fateful week as they confront notions of love and destiny.

Pretty much every film fanatic won’t stop gushing over the debut feature film from Celine Song, Past Lives. Any film that’s a moving portrait of relationships and the notion of people coming and going is right up my alley.

Asteroid City

LoglineThe itinerary of a Junior Stargazer convention is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events.

Wes Anderson has a level of notoriety where anything he does will gain an audience. Asteroid City looks awesome from the initial trailer and has that classic Wes Anderson feel to it. Definitely will be one of the better ones from the summer.



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