6 International Series to Consider

I was browsing Netflix at the weekend, looking for new material to add to my watchlist. I tried to cover as wide a geographical scope as possible – in the end, only two of the six entries come from the same country. What I ultimatelly decided on were these 6 series:

1. Ju-on Origins (Japan)

I was not familiar with the Ju-On horror franchise, mostly because I still have a lot of homework left to do when it comes to Japanese horror. However, now that I’ve read a little about it, I can understand just what an important role it has played in shaping the genre, and I am glad to be able to watch its newly released origin story.

2. Unsolved Mysteries (US)

There’s something about mysteries that immediately trigger curiosity, and an almost innate desire to know more. With a title such as ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, you know you’re not going to get the full resolution of said mysteries, but you are at least bound to get a comprehensive exploration of each case. From what I’ve seen, many of the cases have something to do with disappearances and UFO sightings.

3. Black Spot (France)

If you’re looking for a great European crime drama, but you would like to try something different than all the (great) Scandinavian series that you can find on Netflix, apparently Black Spot is the one to go for. It involves murders and strange happenings in a small, isolated town at the edge of a great forest. It has been very warmly received by audiences.

4. Curon (Italy)

This is a recently released Italian fantasy/mystery series, and, to be honest, doesn’t boast very high ratings on IMDb. However, I found the setting and premise very interesting – a woman returning to her childhood home in Northern Italy, only to be faced with strange and terrifying phenomena. As I haven’t watched it yet, I do not hold an opinion, but it could be a decent watch.

5. Over Water (Belgium)

The next series on this list comes from the Flemish part of Belgium, and deals with the everyday life of a former TV celebrity with a troubled past. He tries to start anew by beginning a new career at an Antwerp port company, but is soon forced to deal with complications, both familiar and new.

6. The Chalet (France)

Finally, we move from Belgium towards the French Alps, where this final entry is set. It deals with a group of childhood friends who reunite at a remote chalet in the mountains, but soon find themselves cut off from the rest of the world, and having to deal with dark secrets.


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