5 Web Series You Should Be Watching

I’m going to start this post with a warning; the following is one hundred percent and totally subjective.

I have to admit, this year I have been pretty lax on the Oscar movies; having seen less than half of the films nominated in 2017! I know, big “woops!” on my end. However, what I am weirdly proud of is my newfound knowledge on the ever-expanding world of Web Series. Having researched a whole multitude of productions (for work purposes) I have found myself blown away by some of the incredible talent that is available at the click of your fingertips (yes, I’m referring to YouTube). Frankly, I could probably talk your ear off on a thousand and one series I have recently discovered, but no need to fret, because today I am only sharing with you the top five web series I have curated, in the hopes that you too will fall as madly in love with these productions as I have. Enjoy!

  1. The Katering Show – One of my favourites of all time. For all you foodie lovers out there, this hysterical series pokes fun at the cooking show genre from all angles. This production created and starring the comical genius of Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney (get the pun in the show’s title?), stems from the land down under. Its first season swept the YouTube world and took the festival circuit by storm, with nearly ten thousand subscribers on YouTube. So much so that ABC in Australia commissioned the second season for their on demand platform, iView. Do not fret you Non-Aussie peeps, the second season is now available on their YouTube channel as well as iTunes. Trust me, this is not one to miss.

  3. The Popcorn Factory – Don’t let the subtitles put all you non-French speaking viewers off. This fantastic series focuses so much on the comedy of body language. Set entirely in an undisclosed cinema screening room, with a wonderful ensemble cast, this show is a wonderful example on how language barriers are a non-issue for well developed cinema.. Don’t miss this bad boy, especially episode one (“Ben”) and four (“Leon”), my personal favourites.

  5. Namaste, Bitches – Yogis and meditation fanatics rejoice (sort of). Namaste, Bitches sheds light on all the wonderful world of mindfulness and yoga in a fast paces LA environment. It pokes fun at the stereotypical underbelly from a busy body’s perspective. Created, written and starring the fantastic Summer Chastant, it’s an hysterical example on how actors really can do it all.

  7. Millennial Parents – All you new parents out there, this bad boy is for you! Millennial Parents is a fantastic take on what it means to be a parent in today’s society. Done in short sketch type form, these stand alones are great to share with your parental friends. And hey, don’t have kids, no worries! You’re sure to still laugh your head off.

  9. Written It Down – A favourite of mine because you just have to admire the acting skills of the performers. In true improvisational form, these talented actors meet in a given set up (for example season one takes place in a cafe where one character has to break up with another character). Having started this “unrehearsed” meet up, the actors then have to describe their reasoning’s of “why they are there” which is written on a piece of paper that they have yet to see. Expect crazy hysterical explanations and guaranteed laughs!

I hope you enjoy these productions as much as I have and that you explore so many more of these creative pieces of work!

Article written by Alexa Berry for The Monthly Film Festival



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