5 New European Series on Netflix

The excellent German series Dark paved the way for many quality European series surfacing on Netflix over the past year or so. It’s a great way for more people to experience the refreshing sight of filmmaking not in the English language, and to familiarise themselves with very different ways of telling stories or portraying characters. Today, let’s explore five such series – they may not be masterpieces in their own right, but are sufficiently entertaining and interesting to keep you busy for a few extra hours of lockdown. So, in no particular order:

1. The Valhalla Murders (Iceland)

Iceland is a beautiful country with a very small population, and an even tinier crime rate. The overarching peacefulness is suddenly broken by the country’s first serial killer case. Arnar, an Icelandinc police officer currently enrolled in nearby Norway, for the Oslo PD, is sent back to his home country to help with the ongoing investigation. It’s intelligent, suspenseful and refreshing!

2. Freud (Austria)

This one is a bit of a stretch, and hasn’t been so warmly received after its release just a few days ago. It deals with young Sigmund Freud, who plays a slightly larger role than the psychoanalyst we all know him to be. Freud is called upon to investigate murders in 1880s Vienna, all while struggling to get a grip on his own life.

3. The Mire (Poland)

Yet another crime drama, but this time coming from Poland during the last years of the communist rule. In a small town down south, a gruesome double murder is coupled with a series of teenagers committing suicide, and an investigation begins. Party politics meet a slightly surreal, almost Twin Peaksy vibe, in what is a very enjoyable short series.

4. Wisting (Norway)

What is it with Europe and crime thrillers? The fourth entry on the list is also a crime-centric drama series, this time coming from Norway. It centres around homicide investigator William Wisting, who has to deal with a series of tough cases, all while ensuring that his journalist daughter remains safe from harm.

5. Ares (The Netherlands)

For the last entry, we ditch the crime theme in favour for a slightly more sci-fi / horror setting. This Dutch series centres upon Rosa, an ambitious university student who is offered to join a secret society that has been around since the Dutch Golden Age. As is the case with long-enduring secret societies, there are disturbing truths waiting to be uncovered.



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