5 Highlights from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Either the Globes have been scheduled really early this year, or the Academy Awards have been scheduled really late, but there’s almost two months inbetween the two neighbour awards. The Golden Globes often act as a trend-setter in how nominations and winners for subsequent awards look like – even though, in the last couple of years, there have been major discrepancies between, well, everybody else and the Oscars. We can only sit and wait to see if these differences will once again spring up in 2018, so for now let’s explore some of the highlights of Sunday’s ceremony.

1. Seth Meyers is no Ricky Gervais

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has elected to steer clear of any potentially non-PC incidents that an outspoken personality such as Ricky Gervais would have brought along, thus sticking with Seth Meyers for this one. There were some funny moments, for sure, but the entire thing came nowhere close to the delicious level of smart humour that was always present with Gervais as a host. Hopefully next year, then.

2. Four awards for Three Billboards 

Martin McDonagh’s ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ was the big winner of the night, with Golden Globes going to the film for Best Motion Picture (Drama) and Best Screenplay, as well as to Frances McDormand for Best Actress (Drama) and Sam Rockwell for Best Supporting Actor. Thoroughly deserved, I would say, but it remains to be seen if the Oscars agree or find it a bit too… controversial.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep are both nominated, but don’t win anything

It is a very surprising sight indeed to see these two people lose an award. Daniel Day-Lewis, arguably the best actor of modern times, and Meryl Streep, arguably the best actress nowadays, each with three Oscars to their belt, were both selected for their roles in Phantom Thread and The Post respectively, but lost to Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand respectively.

4. Dunkirk, The Square and Call Me By Your Name fail to land an award

Both heavy favourites for quite a lot of categories, the two films by Christopher Nolan and Luca Guadagnino respectively, did not manage to impress the Hollywood Foreign Press enough in order to win anything. This comes as quite a surprise, because Dunkirk had been the odds-on favourite to win Best Motion Picture (Drama) for quite a while. Likewise, The Square, winner of last year’s Palm d’Or at Cannes and sweeping almost every award at the European Film Awards of last month, failed to win Best Foreign Film, with the honour going instead to In the Fade (Aus dem Nichts).

5. Tommy Wiseau almost gets an acceptance speech

And now, for the most shocking event of the night, Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director and main actor in one of the lowest-rated films of all time, The Room, accepted an award for Best Actor (Comedy). Well, not really, that was James Franco, who played Tommy Wiseau in the film The Disaster Artist. Tommy went on stage after the award was presented, hugged James Franco, and almost gave a speech of his own, before being stopped and pushed away. He probably would have said ‘Oh hi Mark’ anyways.



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