4 Series to Watch on Netflix This June

Summertime is here, and regardless of the global pandemic that goes on in the world, we wouldn’t have expected much in terms of films and series. Summer is usually the time for light, often corny films that usually are richer in entertainment factor than quality per se. Of course, there are many exceptions, but the trend remains as such. So, in case you’re browsing Netflix one of these evenings – or even earlier than that, since most of us are still working from home – here are four brand new seasons that you can look into.

1. Dark

Since we mentioned exceptions, I will start with the exception. Dark is quite honestly one of the best series in recent years, and has pretty much everything – a carefully written plot, great actors and wonderful production value. The less said about the plot the better, but know that it’s everything that Stranger Things wanted to be, with a flavour of Twin Peaks and a sombre East German setting. Season 3 premieres on 27 June, so in case you have’t yet watched the first two, you have plenty of time to do so.

2. The 100

The sci-fi theme of the month is continued with the 7th and last season of The 100, which actually premiered on 16 May, but it still pretty much counts as a June release. This one is set almost a century after the world as we know it is destroyed in a nuclear war, and a last-gasp attempt at re-populating Earth is made. In case you haven’t watched the rest of it, you’ll have quite a bit of catching up to do.

3. 13 Reasons Why

I can’t find 13 reasons why you should watch this series, since I haven’t tried it myself, but I heard that it’s pretty decent. It’s a teen show with rather dark undertones, and the entirety of the fourth season was released on 5 June. However, as far as I’ve heard, the show peaked during its first season, and continued rather solidly with its second one, but then sort of drifted off – and the freshly released season is supposedly the weakest one.

4. Snowpiercer

Everyone now knows Bong Joon Ho as the guy who picked up 4 Oscars this February for Parasite, but here’s a reminder that he was also the director behind 2013’s Snowpiercer. Well, based on the same idea as his film – Earth becomes a frozen wasteland, and the few remaining people make their living on board of a train which perpetually circles the planet – comes a new series. Bong himself has nothing to do with the series, but there are some other big names in the acting department, including Jennifer Connelly and Sean Bean. The first season premiered at the end of March, and the reviews so far have been ok-ish.



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