Why Casino Royale is the Best Bond Film

There are many films that are cinema icons and, like music, sport, and countless other activities, there will always be a winner when it comes to the question of which is number one, although there will also be people who object to the result. The truth is that a good film, in this case, the best film, is defined by the majority of people in favour of it, so that recognition seems fair enough.

While rating a film may be easy enough, especially for film experts, rating a saga or sequel becomes complicated and even more debatable. And this is where the biggest and most recognizable action sagas of all time, such as the James Bond films and Mission Impossible, come in. Incidentally, Tom Cruise’s 7th film is about to be released. But, well, in this article, the focus will be on the first one with Casino Royale.

A film more in step with the new times

A film more in step with the times and what 21st-century audiences wanted to see in an action film, leaving behind the 40 years of the British agent’s heavy-handed adventures. People wanted something more modern, more up-to-date. To fulfill this objective of breaking with the past and avoiding falling into the same old plot, there is nothing better than going back to the first novel that Sir Ian Fleming wrote about the spy: Casino Royale.

Of course, this is the 2006 version of Daniel Craig’s film, the first in which he starred as 007, and not the 1967 comedy starring David Niven or the 1954 TV adaptation starring Barry Nelson. The film was billed as a reboot of the first Bond film, with his first mission, in which he takes part in a high-stakes poker game against a terrorist money launderer. To stop him, and dismantle the terrorist network, Bond must defeat him in a risky game of poker to prevent him from recovering the lost money from his dangerous clients. But why a casino game?

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Daniel Craig

The most important thing is Daniel Craig as the lead actor. While Cruise has played in each of the Mission Impossible films, Daniel Craig brought that special and long-awaited touch to this production that has gone through several actors. This is why he stands out as one of the best 007 agents and took this film to the top of all the films ever made. It is not easy. James Bond deserves a lot of responsibility, but Craig got it right: his silences, his passivity, his look, and his good action scenes. He did it all very well! The whole package was needed to position this film as the best of them all. Of course, superhero films by Marvel or DC are also popular with the public, but here there are no superpowers, here it is a flesh and blood person, a detective who subjects himself to situations of the highest risk as a mere mortal. And this is part of the films that fall into the action genre.

Craig is not Bond. Craig makes his Bond. Everything is new with him. Perhaps, as many say, one of the most acrobatic Bond’s ever seen. He is not a typical spy. Hence, the difference and the great value that this character gets from his audience.

While this speaks much more about the actor himself than about the production and quality of the film, it also shows that passion and commitment, especially from the lead actor, matter a lot in the score and success of a film, especially one of this style. The actor must be the most suitable for the role.



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