• Matrioska

      In a laboratory full of flawed string puppets, Noah wants to be a perfect string-puller, but he needs an assistant. Sabik, a puppet who says only ‘yes’ or ‘no’, helps him managing the odd puppets: sleepy, despotic or […]

    Italy 15 Minutes
  • Blossoms of Faith (TRAILER)

      Twenty-three days before her wedding, Betsy McLean loses her sister to a stroke. The bride-to-be must take a journey of faith before she can walk down the aisle.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Gone With the Sin (TRAILER)

      Five film crewmembers go for birthday party at Michael’s house. Where they find out no one is in the place. A prepared murder and a frightened secret are slowly approaching them behind the house.  

    United States 26 Minutes
  • In The Name of Satan (TRAILER)

      Based on a true story, the film begins with the arrest of Antonio and Elena who are caught by two Narcotics agents. They are in shock and completely stoned. Once admitted to the hospital, they confess to the […]

    Italy 96 Minutes
  • A Trace (TRAILER)

      Andries, a young man of age 24 is trying to figure out what happened in his early years. As a kid he was left alone at an orphanage. After getting a strange letter (showing an old wooden cabin […]

    Germany 26 Minutes
  • Junkie Heaven (TRAILER)

      Doyle Burkett is an Iraqi war vet who is suffering from PTSD and he also happens to be a junkie willing to do anything to get his fix. After he wakes from a night of using, Doyle is […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • StrangerS

      The strange story of the woman whose smartphone turned off one day.  

    South Korea 10 Minutes
  • Dad In Mum

      The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents’ door. Two young sisters are asking questions…   Password: papadansmaman

    France 6 Minutes
  • The Tale About the Witch

    Original title: The Tale About the Witch, the Farmhand and the Soldier A woman is sentenced to death for heresy. A soldier takes orders from the king to bring her to the place of execution. But the soldier’s horse […]

    Sweden 14 Minutes
  • Out*

      Paul gets out of prison to discover his younger brother Mike is still involved with crime. Paul offers Mike a way out, but at what cost to himself?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 24 Minutes
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