• The Benevolent Boys**

      Four high school friends in the 1990s get into a lot of trouble while trying to do something they think is good, but, actually, maaaybe isn’t. This film is a loving homage to the ’90s, when VHS was […]

    United States 39 Minutes
  • Beijing, New York*

      A touching and complex love story that bridges time, distance and culture, intertwining the lives of two Chinese childhood friends and an American artist. It is set against the backdrop of economic power shift between China and America. […]

    United States 108 Minutes
  • Pedro Cano – Travel Notebooks*

      The Pedro Cano’s story is about of a son a fisherman of a small town in Murcia (Spain), wich will own and without his having material resources, he has become one of the major figures of contemporary art. […]

    Spain 52 Minutes
  • The Road to Nickelsville*

      Caution, survival, and hope. The residents of Nickelsville, an organized homeless encampment in Seattle Washington, share how they became homeless; caution how quickly it can happen, and how they persevere. Director of the Low Income Housing Institute, and […]

    United States 46 Minutes
  • Vicious*

      A thriller about a stripper coming to terms with her past and unleashing her personal strength to overcome her stalker and other male oppressors.   *Only a trailer is available for now. Vicious Film Review

    United States 95 Minutes
  • The Sleepless*

      Desdemona is a tormented DJ of Florence leading a nighttime program called The Sleepless. The radio listeners are often bizarre inhabitants of the night who tell their life and agonies. But this is the time of Luca, a […]

    Italy 45 Minutes
  • Meeting Fate (TRAILER)

      TEMUAN TAKDIR or ‘Meeting Fate’ is a Malaysian film by First-time Director-Producer, DHYAN VIMAL. The making of this film involved 50% experts and 50% amateurs (actors & crew). It is based on the rich Malaysian tradition of apprenticeship […]

    Malaysia 1 Minutes
  • Sandra Munt’s Adventure (TRAILER)

      Spain, 1933. Sandra Munt and her friend Elsa travel the world in search of a mysterious and mystical book. But the two friends will face the Nazis, a secret society and a Mysterious Stranger, emerging from his past. […]

    Spain 1 Minutes
  • The Taste of Brussel Sprouts*

      Octave – 76 years old, married for 50 years, 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren – has doubts. He wonders if he likes or not the taste of Brussels sprouts. He also wonders whether Madeleine, his […]

    France 20 Minutes
  • Santa Claus is Coming

      Isidro and Elena on their first Christmas Eve. Elena begins to suspect that her husband still believes Santa Claus exists… And that tonight he’s coming to bring them a gift.  

    Spain 15 Minutes
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