• Pedro Cano – Travel Notebooks*

      The Pedro Cano’s story is about of a son a fisherman of a small town in Murcia (Spain), wich will own and without his having material resources, he has become one of the major figures of contemporary art. […]

    Spain 52 Minutes
  • Saving Dreams (TRAILER)

      A naive girl with dreams of stardom, marries a powerful man, who abuses her while running a foundation that protects abused women.    

    Canada 2 Minutes

      “In a futuristic post-war dead zone, a Young Woman must survive her first smuggling mission with the help of her Father. Their assignment: to secretly transport cases of valuable cargo into the heavily guarded and oppressive Police State. […]

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Fire Amends (TRAILER)

      A man finds a phone with a disturbing picture on it of a missing woman. After all the grievances in his own life, he tracks down the woman and her captures.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Cowboys and Indians*

      Leo plays “cowboys and Indians” every day at home. Today, aged just five, he learned a new game.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Spain 4 Minutes
  • You Will Not Die

      A dead married couple relieve the events that lead to their current state. What happened to them? Where are they? How did they get there? What happens next? A cryptic, chaotic, and dreadful atmosphere may hide the answers […]

    Argentina 21 Minutes
  • True Wave*

      Inspired in true events, “True Wave” tells us the story of Nick, a very shy kid, who decides to accept his friend’s invitation to face his fears and enjoy a lovely day at the beach with their friends. […]

    Brazil 7 Minutes
  • I Need My Space

      Esko, an engineer tired of his cheating wife’s nagging, decides to disappear for good.   I Need My Space Film Review

    Finland 10 Minutes
  • Black Beauty

      A young musician at the age of 22, is forced to reflect upon the traumatic event that changed his life, as he attempts to find some solace through fixing his once beloved guitar. ‘Black Beauty’ was just one […]

    United Kingdom 9 Minutes
  • True Copy*

      Igor’s uncontrolled transformations into other people force him to turn to the only person able to stop this…  

    Russia 11 Minutes
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