• The Hag: Bloodline*

      A young woman reflects on her childhood, as she struggles with depression, sleep paralysis and a night terror known as the old hag.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Canada 35 Minutes
  • Afternoon at the Abyss*

      Road; art; dreams; love; abandonment; madness; death; abyss. Lost in the road driving his car with no destination, André presents his “caravan-spectacle”, “The Grand Nomadic Circus”, in small towns. He is a wandering troubadour that finds himself lost […]

    Argentina 63 Minutes
  • Oh My Z!*

      Five years after the Great Zombie Panic, a zombie becomes trapped in a suburban home. Half a dozen strangers, including the home-owning couple, each want a different outcome.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Japan 90 Minutes
  • Shattered Families

      Original Title: Shattered Families: the Collapse of America’s Mental Health System “Shattered Families” is my family’s attempt to change America’s national mental health disaster. Congress seems unable to fix it. Neither do the states. So my wife, son […]

    United States 50 Minutes
  • Dark Waves – Bellerofonte

      Sophiane, an ex French legionnaire, brings his wife Jazira in a new home: an ancient tower on the open sea. Day by day, they have to deal with strange events, and soon the couple has to face a […]

    Italy 85 Minutes
  • Capsule*

      1959: Guy is an experienced British fighter pilot who is in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space. He has trained for this for three years at the height of the Cold War and now he is […]

    United Kingdom 91 Minutes
  • Around Astrid*

      An 18-year-old decided to leave her parents house and crosses a Rome mostly unrecognizable. Aims to reach a place, enchanted garden, another dimension that seems to come alive only in her imagination. But the mystery that lurks around […]

    Italy 72 Minutes
  • My Journey (TRAILER)

      Original Title: My Journey: Finding Watersprings Four young people; Chinta, Cindy, Tasya and Celine intend to fill their holidays with friends drove from New York named Lucas who are interested in the environment, especially the watersprings. They are […]

    Indonesia 3 Minutes
  • Quetzal (TRAILER)

      It’s about a Native American girl whose village is under attack. She runs to the temple of the god Quetzal to ask for help. But the god doesn’t respond.    

    France 3 Minutes
  • Bullet Vein (TRAILER)

      The tragic death of a young lady causes a dramatic reunion of an old gunslinger, a prostitute and a suitor. Everyone bears a dark secret on his own and still they are tied to a joint fate. An […]

    Germany 1 Minutes
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