• I Felt a Funeral in My Brain

      Set to a poem by Emily Dickinson, the music video is a phantasmagorical illustration of the myth of Babylon, featuring a dark array of emotions conveyed through the powerful chords of an acoustic guitar, a captivating vocal performance, […]

    Apr 22, 2023
    France 4 Minutes Far From Your Sun
  • Serpiko – Black Hole

      An original animated music video for the track ‘Black Hole’ by British Musician and Multi-Instrumental SERPIKO. Directed, Edited and Animated by Denholm Hewlett. Original artwork and designs by Jane Oliver. Original music by Serpiko, taken from his latest […]

    Apr 21, 2023
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Denholm Hewlett
  • Out of Dream*

      The young employee Jana checks into a hotel after a stressful day at work. After constant work notifications via cellphone, she hopes to get a well-deserved night’s sleep for her application the next morning. However, this is developing […]

    Apr 15, 2023
    Germany 9 Minutes Nils Witt
  • o, brave new world

      Wasabi “bits” are films that make you think. These evocative stories aim to unsettle the viewer, shaking up perceptions, with the ultimate aim of further conversation. They explore the influence of science and technology in our lives, asking […]

    Apr 10, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Elisabeth Ness

      This is the story of the appreciation, respect and fondness of musician, actor and activist Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) for Spanish-Moroccan painter Anuar Khalifi. Yasiin reflects on the cultural, ethnic and religious issues present in Khalifi’s work […]

    Apr 10, 2023
    Spain 10 Minutes Jordi Esgleas Marroi
  • Frontline Nurses

      This visually poignant animation depicts the realities of the Frontline nurses who experienced the emotional and psychological impact of COVID-19 with immeasurable intensity. They were often faced with making impromptu decisions to provide the best care, save lives […]

    Apr 10, 2023
    United States 5 Minutes Cynthia N White, Alexander S White
  • Sirens*

      After Elliot arrives home late, his already volatile relationship with Isla takes a turn for the worse, resulting in an argument that could be fatal.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Apr 8, 2023
    United Kingdom 13 Minutes Charlie White
  • The Moment of Eternity*

      A film about a single and aging man whose bleak everyday life is determined by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has not left his property for a long time and tries to avoid contact with the outside world at […]

    Apr 1, 2023
    Belgium 65 Minutes Joshua Cremer
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