• Skilleveien*

      Skilleveien is a Danish-Norweigian youth drama about a friendship challenged by individual change and a mysterious cult-like spiritual retreat. It follows Matias, who must fight to save his friendship with his best friend Janus, and keep him from […]

    May 20, 2021
    Denmark 27 Minutes Peter Bjerre Salling
  • Happy Anniversary (TRAILER)

      A woman arrives home to find a series of messages left from her husband on their wedding anniversary.   

    Apr 29, 2021
    Canada 1 Minutes Chris Borgo
  • Uroboros (TRAILER)

      Zara, an interstellar astronaut and her brother Emanuel, are on a mission to find the origin. After escaping from an accident on her space station in an emergency ship, she wakes up in limbo, where she will meet […]

    Apr 29, 2021
    Peru 1 Minutes Marco Castro, Teo Belton
  • The nights we looked at the sky (TRAILER)

      Two friends Carlanga and JR with poor social skills and obsessed with ufology meet a stranger in their village and suspect that he is scouting for the extraterrestrials. With the help of Lindu, an eccentric guy from their […]

    Apr 29, 2021
    Spain 1 Minutes David Gamboa Ortuzar
  • Pet Shop (TRAILER)

      A ragtag gang of pets in a pet shop dream of adoption.  

    Apr 29, 2021
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes Shauna Ludgate
  • Astronauts*

      Jade has only one dream, she wants to travel into space. Unfortunately, she is condemned to work into a hotel corrupted by religion and where people practice obscurantic and extremist cults. Witness of sordid acts, she tries in […]

    Apr 26, 2021
    France 5 Minutes Pauline Moreau
  • The Trouble Inside Me “My Life…”*

      Halil Varlı and his two other brothers are congenital muscle wasting patients. We will witness the learning of this disease and the struggle of the family with this disease. And we will try to be the light to […]

    Apr 26, 2021
    Turkey 17 Minutes Halil İbrahim Bağdatlı
  • Navigating Rough Waters*

      Sebastian Beatrix, a local school teacher and polyvalent French artist, has taken this statement of wisdom and creative genius to an entirely different level. His pressing urge to make this planet a better place to live, for the […]

    Apr 26, 2021
    Korea 10 Minutes Edward Jeong-hoon Song, Andrew Jeong-ho Song
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