• Roommate Wanted for the End of the World

    Apocalyptic predictions have always frightened humanity, generating over time more catastrophic scenarios that have fuelled the most terrible nightmares. But there are, however, certain perspectives on the apocalypse that manage to amuse or to catch us through the hilarious […]

  • Dream for Happiness

    There are certain providential encounters that completely change our destiny, no matter how miserable it has been. The short film ‘Dream for Happiness‘ talks about the miracle of such happy accidents that allow us to look beyond the ugliness […]

  • Ophelia

    Despite the cultural advances of the moment, many prejudices generated by the obscurantism of the past centuries dominated by Christian fanaticism continue to condemn people to a retrograde perception. Trying to attack some of the fatal stereotypes of the […]

  • Development of June

    In general, the reaction of individuals to people suffering from physical illness is fear or repulsion. But, in fact, many of these disorders hide sensitivity, a special perception of reality. ‘Development of June‘ is a short film that talks […]

  • Tequila Sunrise

    A person wakes up in the captivity an unknown space. When he succeeds in realizing the disaster he faces, he tries to explain the whole mechanism he is a victim of. Sounds familiar to you? Something similar to ‘Oldboy’? […]

  • It Follows

    It’s hard to say if Eresha Sale is a promising director or an extremely talented visual poet. His project, ‘It Follows‘, is not your typical short film, depicting a nocturnal hallucination, with a dark and magnetic aesthetics through which […]

  • From One Shore to Another

    Despite the remarkable cultural and scientific advances of contemporary times, conflicts caused by political or religious ideologies continue to be a painful reality for many communities. ‘From One Shore to Another‘ is an inconvenient and empathetic short film about […]

  • Inlove

    Love has no limits, nationality or ethnicity. But we already know that from many books and movies. However, the way Les Frères Lopez address these valences of contemporary love, in the context of a world haunted by wars and […]

  • Farewell to the Ark

    Even before the technological boom that marked the beginning of the 21st century, SF literature and cinema anticipated a possible total alienation of humanity because of the uncontrollable addiction to new gadgets. However, if films such as ‘Her’ still […]

  • Tales From Tin Pan Alley

    In the past few years, music biographies have become the new big thing, and each year there are at least a dozen books and films going out on the market, obviously making music enthusiasts go crazy. This year makes […]

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