• Loss of Reality

    It is hard to say what impressed us most in ‘Loss of Reality‘: the way the director approaches the theme itself illustrating the personal failure of a drug addict, the miserable authenticity of the intimate world of those who […]

  • This Jelly Donut Feeling

    The humans’ contact with new technology has been exploited so much in contemporary cinema focused rather on a dystopian vision that it is almost impossible to believe that some directors are approaching this subject with other intentions. In fact, […]

  • For It Is Written

    “Thou shall not kill”. But what happens when you live in a world that works by the “kill or be killed” principle? In a world where God is totally absent? Starting from this inconvenient and apparently irresolvable idea, director […]

  • YOU or ME

    We are our own past, whether or not we are responsible for what happened to us. But what happens to us when we cannot really be responsible for our own present? ‘YOU or ME‘ is a short story about […]

  • My Friend: Standing Strong

    Stacey M. Zipfel’s documentary can be a powerful shock therapy session for animal lovers because it goes where documentaries aren’t going on a regular basis – in the darker zone. What if you have a best friend, someone who […]

  • 2

    If someone asked you on the street how well you know your past and how you would describe it, what would your answer be? If one day someone comes out of nowhere and starts telling you stories about their […]

  • Chain

    We have already been accustomed to understanding the depths of the human soul both as a sensitive nucleus that captures the most burning dreams and desires of the individuals, and as a place where their most terrifying fears come […]

  • Journey Home

    ‘Journey Home’ is by far one of the most captivating and inspirational documentaries we’ve seen in the past couple of months, presenting the stories of four World War II veterans who witnessed different parts of the war at different […]

  • Roommate Wanted for the End of the World

    Apocalyptic predictions have always frightened humanity, generating over time more catastrophic scenarios that have fuelled the most terrible nightmares. But there are, however, certain perspectives on the apocalypse that manage to amuse or to catch us through the hilarious […]

  • Dream for Happiness

    There are certain providential encounters that completely change our destiny, no matter how miserable it has been. The short film ‘Dream for Happiness‘ talks about the miracle of such happy accidents that allow us to look beyond the ugliness […]

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