• Beside Me

    Tedy Necula’s debut feature film is one of the most intimate and profound movies we’ve seen in the past year. Starting up as an average day at the metro, the narrative transcends very fast to the plot of a […]

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  • Lonely Souls of Microbes

    Mikhail Romanovskiy’s film is an exploration of the human character and its ever-present loneliness, even in circumstances where its presence might seem very unlikely. It portrays humane traits, flaws and the changing nature of one’s personality, all while a […]

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  • Bia

    Building a good life in run-down suburbs of large metropolitan areas is never easy. It is a vicious circle that the more you try to escape, the more you get drawn into and the further away from change you […]

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  • Screen Cowboy

    For most of us, childhood is associated with an overwhelming feeling of safety and security. It’s often a mental return to simpler times, before we had to worry about paying for our education, taxes or working for a living. […]

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  • 9to5

    One common requirement that can be found on virtually any job description nowadays is a so-called ‘9 to 5 mentality’. It’s so commonplace that it has achieved a high degree of social embeddedness, and there are very few who […]

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  • To the Power of Ten

    It is an unfortunate but extremely widespread reality in our world that quite often, mental illness doesn’t quite get the same attention, understanding and care as the more common physical illness. Granted, it might be harder to spot in […]

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  • The Death of Olivier Becaille

    Olivier Bécaille, a stretcher bearer who has suffered from anxiety problems and a sickly nature from his early childhood, and has often contemplated death during his young life, ends up married to a beautiful girl, Marguerite. However, early one […]

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  • Catch of the Day

    ‘Catch of the Day’ (Helfa’r Heli) opens with a beautiful sunrise on a Welsh coast, and a man staring longingly towards the breathtaking landscape that unfolds before him. His wife jokingly declares herself jealous given his centre of attention, […]

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  • Day of Reckoning

    Just about to party for his birthday, a grumpy war veteran refusing to have fun and enjoy the day, starts to have a vision of a mysterious young boy. Gideon van Eeden’s ‘Day of Reckoning‘ main character is haunted by a dreadful […]

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  • Rincoman

    Walking on the school’s hallway, Simone looks introverted and upset treading cautiously. When a couple of older boys show up behind him grabbing him and pushing him into the toilet, it all becomes clear: he is about to be […]

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