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Every year, movie fans hear about films that were shown or won at Cannes or Calgary, Beijing or Birmingham. These are films that we want to see, but other than a few film critics, most of us won’t get to Sundance or Tribeca, let alone Cannes or Monte Carlo or Moscow.


Snagfilms ( is a great place to see film festival winners. Best of all, they’re free. They offer films from all over the world that were nominees and winners at film festivals. Many are documentaries, but many others are indie films that have notable stars in them.

Here is a brief sampling of a few of the films that Snagfilms is offering at the moment:

Blind Date (2007) – Stanley Tucci stars in and directed this film about an estranged couple who go on a series of dates to try to reignite the romance in their lives. It’s an intense drama that reveals the deepest parts of these characters as they struggle to understand what might happen to their marriage.

Children Underground (2001) – Nominated for an Academy Award, director Edet Belzberg takes viewers literally underground with a group of homeless children in a Bucharest train station. These are children abandoned by their parents and forgotten by society. They are the remnants and hidden victims of the reign of a dictator who infected every portion of the citizen’s lives.

The Corporation (2004) – This is an in-depth look at a legal structure that, since the film came out, has been declared a citizen of the society. The repercussions of the rise of the corporation has changed everything in our society in the United States and around the world. This documentary looks at how this concept, originally a simple business structure, has gone on to impact citizens in ways that no one could have ever predicted or really truly understand.

Thale (2012) – A thale is a female mythical creature with a tail. One is found in a forest by a team of crime scene cleaners. The mute creature seems to be the object of someone’s intentions. This is a fascinating drama that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Isle of Dogs (2011) – This is a crime thriller that is exciting, gritty, and gruesome that highlights power of a crime boss. Directed by Tammi Sutton, the B-horror movie queen of Killjoy 2:Deliverance from Evil, the film is stylish and powerful. This isn’t the type of film that most people think of when they think of film festival movies. More a classic tough guy film than the high-brow movie fare that one would expect.

Luxury Car (Jiang Cheng Xia Ri) (2006)Luxury Car is a Chinese drama about a man trying to understand his family’s situation and how he fits into it. His mother is dying so her goes to the city from his teaching career in a village to visit her. There he meets his estranged daughter who is working a Karaoke escort. This is a deeply emotional film that explores what family means and how the actions of each of the members of the family can change the course of events.

Snagfilms is one of many places to see film festival movies. Snagfilms makes it easy with apps on every platform from Roku and Kindle to Apple TV and Android. For quality film buffs, Snagfilms is a gift that lets them see movies that were once only reserved for an elite few.

Article written by Bob Peryea for The Monthly Film Festival ~ Images: Indiewire ; SNAGFILMS



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