October Winners

Hello filmmakers,

The winners have been announced! As we’ve said in the previous post, it’s been a great month, probably the best so far and we would like to thank you all for taking part in TMFF.


Below (or HERE) you will find the winners of October. We remind you that voting has been extended with one day (until the 1st of November midnight).


The TMFF Team.


Film of the Month – Memoirs

2nd Place: Blazing Sun

3rd Place: The Fleshist


Trailer of the Month

A Housemate


Student Film of the Month



Director of the Month

Fred Castadot – Blazing Sun


Screenwriter of the Month

Eduard Quin – Memoirs


Original Score of the Month

David Christiansen, Steven Gutheinz – Never Forget


Actor of the Month

Bernando de Paula – Vlado


Actress of the Month

Elena Cucci – Sugar Plum Fairy


Editor of the Month

Audrey Coeckelberghs – Blazing Sun


Cinematographer of the Month

David Rankenhohn – Never Forget


Animation of the Month



Experimental of the Month



Documentary of the Month

Ulises doesn’t live here anymore


Music Video of the Month

SAFIA – Embracing Me


Web Short of the Month



The Audience Award




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