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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2022 - July 2022 (TRAILER competition)
M Kerem Kurtuluş
1 minutes
TMFF Awards:
July Nominee - Trailer of the Month


25 years have passed since a boy was born on Earth. The current world has adapted to this phenomenon. Eve who has woken up for work goes to her daughter Lily’s room to wake her up. Even though Lily doesn’t want to go she start’s preparing after her mother’s persistence. Eve drops Lily at school and drives to work. After a little while Eve needs to get back to the kindergarten because of a sudden call. Eve who has recently arrived finds out that there has been an incident between Lily and a janitor named Ivanka. The unpleasant situation gets Eve to show her reaction to Ivanka. Afterwards the incident becomes a hit on Tweeter and a story that people can take an example of starts developing.



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