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United Kingdom
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2017 - July 2017
10 minutes
TMFF Awards:
July Winner - Audience Award
Velton J Lishke


When four friends decide to play a prank on the groom the night before his wedding … what could possibly go wrong?


*Only a trailer is available for now.


  • Jack

    Good job x

  • ian jowett

    a pure lil gem !! made by folks who love film and directed by one of the most enthusiastic talented film maker and crew ive ever known or had the pleasure of working with. fantastic job !!!


    Excellent film director and actor

  • Julie wiggins

    Fabulous actor and director. Will go far . Good luck for future films x

  • Romulus

    The trailer looks great ??

  • Melissa Hollett

    Awesome actor an d director ! Puts 100 effort into every project !
    This trailer looks great !! ?

  • Alex DE LUCA

    Great job by all concerned. Well done!

  • Claryn

    All the bestx

  • Southern Sykos CEO

    One of the best films from ya to date!!

  • Jack W Gregory

    Looks brilliant. Can’t wait

  • David Keogh

    Love this guys stuff – great director and writer .

  • david green

    Great work!!

  • Ross Marshall

    trailer looks fab. Well done

  • Marcus

    Great short, definitely worth a watch!

  • Tina

    This guy is going places. Superb work yet again !!

  • Lee holland

    Trailer looks awesome, can’t wait to see the final outcome

  • Adi Kemp

    Excellent adi sylvie films

  • Robert Poller

    The trailer looks great! I can definitely see the potential of this becoming a big thing. Keep up with the good work.

  • adam palmer

    Brilliant this director has some talent looking forward to seeing what else is to come

  • Janey Littlewood

    I can’t wait to see what happens next. I just love this guys films .

  • Keith

    Velton at his best

  • Jennifer William's

    A very talented actor and director, awesome person to work with. This is fantastic, keep up the good work. Xxx

  • Patricia Keiller

    Superb work, Velton. Well done!

  • Tori

    Amazing as always your work is inspirational Velton

  • Sara Bellisio

    This looks ace!:)

  • Andy

    Quality viewing as always!.

  • Jules Powell

    A great little film, glad to be a part of it…..Well done Velton and everyone else involved xx

  • Tra Cee

    Great job! 5 stars

  • Tra Cee

    Well done! 5 stars

  • Cynon jones

    Great job 5 stars keep it up

  • Cv

    5 stars

  • Avis Powell

    This was my initiation into the mind and talent of Mr V, good story, acting and love that the ending is left open……………

  • Aaron Jason Green

    A fantastic original short film , like all of Veltons work ?

  • Ridley Scott

    I’d have Velton’s children if that were biologically possible!!!

  • James

    Looking good!

  • Shannon Deguara

    5 stars. Absolutely fantastic

  • Michelle Cull

    Deserves 5*.Keep up ur good acting.

  • Mark forrest

    Brilliant mate,good luck

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