Single Bed (TRAILER)
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - December 2023 (TRAILER competition)
Derek Huang
1 minutes
TMFF Awards:
December Nominee - Trailer of the Month


This is a film adapted from my own true story. It tells the story of a couple queers in mainland China who struggled to find true love. In this story, the leader of a military unit chose to face his own identity for the first time in his life in that weekend. On a queer date, the other one is a famous drag queen who has been in many relationships. Their dream began on the single bed in that motel. In that summer, it was a unique and brief dream between them. Secondly, the purpose of creating this film is that there are no films focusing on drag queens in current chinese films, and I am studying queer theory and gender diversity. Meanwhile also as a drag queen and transgender in china, I was very delighted and desired to let people see the living conditions of chinese queer people and try to break the gender stereotypes. I want to show that love is regardless of genre through this film. love is love. Additionally, I still want to reappear that the current stage of queer people in mainland China looking for love is still in a hidden situation that cannot be seen in public. For me, this film is both a visual representation and a period of growth about what I experienced. Eventually and technically speaking, this film also has technical and content innovations in audio-visual language and color aesthetics.



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