Scratchorama (Cameraless Cinerama)
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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - July 2015
Robert Lyons
2 minutes


Cameraless animation, also referred to as hand painted cinema or scratch film, is a technique that lends itself to producing vibrant and energetic moving images that I have long enjoyed experimenting with. This film was the result of my first tests using a modified Wolverine F2D-20M slide and neg film digitizer for my cameraless animation digital conversion. I created some adapters to the Wolverine to accommodate various motion picture film formats (16, 35, & 70mm) and to offer some new options for aspect ratio. This film was made using a “Cinerama” aspect ratio adapter of 4 x 1. The music is “Jungleaya” by Los Straightjackets.



  • Paul Sloan

    Impressive visual outcome set to a great soundtrack – takes you back.

    Reply July 5, 2015
  • Stacie

    I like the abstract shapes, colors and textures in this one. The music really goes with the imagery, too. Groovytastic!

    Reply July 5, 2015

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