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France, United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Diego Funes
4 minutes


The fleeting moment when you feel an electricity coming from the city, and exchanged looks become shared moments, if only for an instant; Paris is drowsy in the lingering heat of a summer afternoon, when the contained energy of the capital is ready to wake with the first spark. An imperceptible sensation finds an echo in my body; our gazes meet, and the echo resonates in a partner’s gesture, as we are drawn into an ephemeral dance. Other bodies gravitate around ours and join in – strangers, passers-by, tourists – who intersect and then go on their way bearing its imprint within them. The movement is animated by the surrounding energy of the city; the bridges, the banks of the Seine come alive – as so many transitive spaces materialize and connections are made and unmade in an instant. A touch, a gaze, a gesture: bodies interact, moved by the energy inside of them. The moment passes, but the haptic memory remains; the seeds of emotion are sown, and the individuals brought together for an instant are ready to blossom when their time comes, to create new connections.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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  • Daliana Sloan

    A masterpiece !
    The work of outstanding creativity.

    Reply October 13, 2018

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