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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Steffen Holzkamp
45 minutes
TMFF Awards:
February Winner - Best Feature Film


Filming while driving? “Actually that is a big no-no, but the passengers didn’t mind at all.” The young taxi driver casually experiments with a video camera – films and comments what is happening around him. Spontaneous, raw and authentic.1991: Year one after reunification. Kohl as all-German federal chancellor and the West Berlin taxi driver as a stranger in his own city – which suddenly doubled in size!With today’s options and a contemporary interpretation filmmaker Steffen Holzkamp edited his material to an intriguing mix of road movie, historic document and making-of. Editing, music and research – the production becomes and integral part of the film.Locations, which no longer exist, bizarre passengers, unexpected encounters and lots of time waiting at godforsaken taxi ranks.A jump back to the turbulent Berlin shortly after the Wall came down. And a likable-cranky taxi driver on a quest – not only for his next tour.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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