• Red Eye Flight*

      Somang keeps dreaming nightmares. She’s afraid that she’ll have to be trapped in the nightmare forever. What will she do to wake up from her dream?   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jun 10, 2024
    United States 4 Minutes Jeongeun Lee
  • Fade

      “Fade” captures the poignant journey of revisiting old memories, wrapped in the melancholy of what was left unsaid and the hopes of what could have been. The lyrics weave a narrative of walking through familiar streets, haunted by […]

    Jun 10, 2024
    Azerbaijan 4 Minutes Vugar Tahirov
  • How I Wanna Die


    Jun 10, 2024
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Andy Blithe
  • The Final Stop

      Killing someone and being punished for it is the way it should always work, but barely ever does. Some people could be wronged by misadventure in the mere search for someone to blame.  

    Jun 4, 2024
    United States 8 Minutes Oleksii Babenko

      In a not too distant future, the youth has decided to get back at the older generations and start hunting them at night. Matthieu, 50 years old, will have to survive the pack that is chasing him.   […]

    Jun 1, 2024
    France 52 Minutes Cédric Peyster
  • Muito Amor – Jews and Judaism in Amazonia*

      An Israeli Anthropologist traveling throughout Amazonia to meet the descendants of the Moroccan Jews who immigrated to this region since 1810. Together they are sharing their unique story of resilience and persistence in this special part of the […]

    Jun 1, 2024
    Israel 61 Minutes Malka Shabtay