• Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone*

      “Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone” is a short documentary showcasing Glenn’s inspiring journey from a bone tumor diagnosis to amputation. With a custom prosthetic leg, he reclaims his passion for biking, celebrating resilience, family, and the […]

    Jan 22, 2024
    United Kingdom 22 Minutes Dragos Teglas
  • Wings

      A short documentary exploring my experiences as a chronically ill trans person.  

    Jan 22, 2024
    United Kingdom 2 Minutes Jack Dixon
  • Come Away


    Jan 21, 2024
    United States 2 Minutes Yunyi Zhu
  • Nico & Nickel

      In an Iron Giant meets The Sandlot inspired world, a distracted child named Nico gets hit by a baseball and must venture into the woods alone to retrieve it. In this intimidating forest, Nico finds a strange robot […]

    Jan 21, 2024
    United States 3 Minutes Sky O'Connell
  • Maxakalì or the Dance of a Lifetime*

      In the depths of the Amazon rainforest during the era of Portuguese colonization, Miguel returns home adorned with stolen native gems, planning his next conquest. Kayapo, a tribesman who lost his son during a Jesuit mission, stumbles upon […]

    Jan 17, 2024
    France 26 Minutes Matthéo Manticello
  • Klara’s Dance*

      Distressed at an unexpected news, Klara keeps it a secret from her boyfriend thereby risking their relationship.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jan 12, 2024
    Slovenia 29 Minutes Jan Fabris