One Final Encore*
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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Jay Shipman
4 minutes


“One Final Encore” is a narrative work that deals with the qualities of compassion, redemption, and the power of magic. When a once-famous stage magician meets a young fan battling a terminal illness, he learns that true magic is more than smoke, mirrors, or sleight-of-hand; true magic begins with sacrifice. Once known by millions for his ability to switch places with select members from his audience, this now washed-up street magician performs card tricks on the sidewalk to handfuls of passers-by who watch half-heartedly. Down on his luck and battling alcoholism, he sulks in his apartment, reminiscing about the glory days. His 90-proof coping mechanism has contributed to his life’s downward spiral; he’s not only lost his career, but also his family. While reflecting on his current state, the magician spots an alcoholic support group flyer among a stack of papers. The title says, “Make a Change,” and depicts the healing promise of a higher power. The magician has a life-changing epiphany, and he resolves to perform “one final encore.” In an act of genuine, miraculous magic, the aging magician gives his health to the afflicted child and takes her cancer upon himself. By trading places with her, the magician pulls off the greatest magic trick of his life; moreover, with his self-sacrifice, he fulfills a life achievement and purpose far higher than the fleeting glamour of celebrity.



*Only a trailer is available for now.


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