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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Gaetan Boschini
8 minutes
TMFF Awards:
August Nominee - Experimental of the Month


Paradoxically, our ideal would be to develop ourselves and move forward in our lives but not in time. Whatever our choices and desires, we are all inevitably heading in the same direction: towards old age. A pejorative topic, which is scary: “old”; a term that has become politically incorrect. Like a taboo, which we prefer not to think about. The fear of aging is the fear of being forgotten, of being alone, dependent on society, so far from one’s youth. But is this really old age? How do we let go and accept the inevitable? And what if we give a role to elderly people, a sense of importance? What if they once again become agents in passing the torch? Ageing is also acquiring the wisdom that comes with time and experience. Understanding what aging means in order to renew the link between young and old. Allowing them to pass on what they have learned to us, and to pass on ourselves, in turn, in the not so distant future.
*Only a teaser is available for now.


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