Ningun Vals
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - April 2017
Alvaro Manzano
5 minutes


This is a story within a story within another story. Like a matryoshka doll full of small love tragedies.
1. Osffir, an attractive young woman, escapes through a maze of dark corridors until she reaches an empty cinema, where her pursuer, Leo, will kill her.
2. In another empty cinema, Vero, another young and attractive woman, looks at the scene of Osffir’s death on the screen, and leaves the cinema getting lost in a maze of dark corridors, where she will find a man, Lex, whom she’ll end up killing.
3. In yet another empty cinema, Lyn, a young man (who looks very much like Leo and Lex), looks at the scene of Lex’s death in the screen and leaves the cinema, getting lost in a maze of dark corridors…



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