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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2022 - March 2022 (TRAILER competition)
Della Ayu Kartika
1 minutes
TMFF Awards:
March Nominee - Trailer of the Month


At a campground, Loma’s school is holding a camping event to elect the chief of Boys andGirls Scouts. Loma is particularly enthusiastic despite Hera’s constant insults, creatingabadinfluence on her friends to make them stay away from Loma due to the corruption casecommitted by her parents. During the making of the teams, Loma and Hera enteredtheRoseTeam. Hera was chosen to be the team leader, while Loma was chosen to be the vice leader. Their solidarity was tested during the journey on the quest posts. Starting fromHera’s cheating on the Semaphore question sheet to Hera’s fight with her teammates, resultinginHera’s injury. Loma, the vice leader, took over Hera leading the squad. Until the last post “Halang rintang”, Loma still holds ambitions to prove that she is different fromher parentsand has the right to be a leader. The next day, during the voting for the chairman of theBoysand Girls Scouts, Loma’s vote tied with the opponent. However, Hera appeared andchosetovote for Loma. Then, she eventually apologized and acknowledged that Loma had a reputable character.



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