Imago Ep.II: Symmetry
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Dani Joss
18 minutes
TMFF Awards:
November Winner - Experimental of the Month


The continuation of the protagonist’s exploration of The Engineer’s mysterious installation, as she further realises the rules of the world she’s in. Mind games, metaphors, and nested storylines inform a narrative unique to the cinedance genre, in effect using sci-fi thriller conventions to inform an essay on the clash of postmodernism and neoromanticism at its heart. As semiotic references abound, the protagonist credited as “Interpretant )(.I” must figure out how to affect the outcome of other narrative constructs that are being brought to life in a setting where causality is merely a suggestion. Additionally, forces from that world will appear to her to help, obstruct, or simply indicate, as she attempts to understand the rules and symmetries of her predicament. Although a direct continuation of ep.I: Orientation longer story arc, Imago ep.II: Symmetry can be watched on its own.



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  • Effie Ratsou

    Exceptional piece of work

    Reply November 16, 2016

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