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United States
Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - June 2015
12 minutes
Carl Joglar


When a disgruntled young man becomes involved in a mission of vengeance, he learns a perilous lesson about trying to be a hero.



  • Yocasta

    I enjoyed the twist in the story. Well done guys!!

  • Stacey

    WOW! Pretty good job. The twist was unexpected!

  • Joyce

    Mental turmoil and a strangely dark sort of plot drive’s this short film and I like it. In an age of cubicles and rude bosses – the story takes us into a world of the future; could you kill your boss? Great job!

  • Aida Seda

    Great Job! Intriguing

  • Richlyn

    This is very good I got hooked from the 1st frame

  • Ana torres

    I loved it I wanted it to be longer I want to see more.

  • franklin

    Un expecting ending. Nice plot

  • Morgan

    I was particularly impressed by Gina Rodriguez’s performance. No doubt her character came off as most believable. Also liked the plot although the fog that followed the vigilante needs some explanation. Too bad about Mr. Hathaway but maybe if he hadn’t been so evil he might be around to save the world.

  • Carol

    Great job by all!

  • VinReaper

    Well done! Bravo!

  • Lisa

    I enjoyed the twist in the story! Good work!

  • veronica lopez

    Love the twist!

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