Grand Delusion
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2017 - May 2017
Austin Settle
5 minutes
TMFF Awards:
May Nominee - Music Video of the Month


….living in the „Grand Delusion“. In the age of post-truth we find ourselves living in our own bubbles. Some by our own creation and others by way of circumstances beyond our control. Smartphones are the portal through which others perceive us and they’ve begun to serve as the sole conduit by which we self-reflect, interact with people and understand the world around us. Most of us can remember a time before ubiquitous connectivity placed us in vast mirror mazes of information and competing worldviews, a time when the incessant checking and rechecking of status and notifications wouldn’t have been considered a normal reflex. In a delusional world we must wade through an ocean of input and distortions, looking for any chance to break through to the surface, and inhale one more breath of uncontaminated air.



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