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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
Anuk Rohde
3 minutes
TMFF Awards:
August Nominee - Music Video of the Month


The Musicvideo FAWN for Mira Wunder’s new single “LICHT AUS” is centered around the theme of mother-daughter relationship.
The video was shot with the Miscanthus field, situated in the south of Germany, which gives off the historical look of an American plantation. This location, itself, acts like a third character, giving the feeling of imprisonment and entrapment. The intimate setting augments the complex emotional world of a mother and her grown daughter. Only at the end of the film do they find each other, when the rebellious daughter breaks her self-built walls against her mother. They, for the first time, they begin to pursue a common goal, in this case symbolized by the common hunt for a chicken. The video was captured by the use of HAWK Anamorphic lenses.



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