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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2023 - June 2023
Jiaying li
4 minutes
TMFF Awards:
June Nominee - Animation of the Month


The concept of immortality has always been expressed in traditional Chinese culture, from the emergence of immortal stories in the pre-Qin period to the development of this theory by Lao Zhuang, the ancient people have always maintained the pursuit of immortality and thought about life. This work is based on the poem “Dreaming of Immortality” by Bai Juyi, and uses virtual technology combined with dance video to create this theme. The work uses motion capture to transform the dancer’s body movement data into a virtual image in 3D space, and fluid simulation and path scanning to interact with the body and space, visualising the ‘invisible’ such as time and body movement, and dancing with time and space in a redefined virtual world.


*Only a trailer is available for now.


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