Al Emarah*
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2015 - July 2015
Mouayed Zabtia
33 minutes
TMFF Awards:
July Winner - Editor of the Month


Wesam is a Libyan young activist in the Libyan civil society who gets abducted, jailed, and tortured for talking on a TV channel about human rights in Libyan prisons in a country denominated by a huge number of armed militias that use oppression and intimidation. Inside the prison, Wesam encounters various forms of ideologies and beliefs adopted by those militias that vary between tribal militias, long-practiced militias using excessive force, and militias that control all these groups and use them for their own interests and to hold the reins of the government. Wesam, through a TV channel, spoke about the concept of Al Emarah from his perspective, which provoked the fury of those groups that perceived it as a provocation of the “state project” they want to establish according to their view. This will be summarized in the final scenes of the movie when we have a look at Al Emarah through the eyes of these groups


*Only a teaser is available for now.


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