After Silence
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Release Year & TMFF Edition:
2017 - June 2018
Peter Kalos
8 minutes
TMFF Awards:
June Winner - Actor of the Month


As he’s about to jump off a rooftop, Tom hears a voice calling out from the window ledge below. It’s him, but a version of him that didn’t pursue his dream. One man pursued the dream and didn’t succeed, living with a sense of failure, poverty and regret. The other chose to forgo the dream, and while he succeeded in his career and made a comfortable living, he always lived with the crushing regret of not following his calling. Both men are disenchanted with their lives and discuss the pros and cons of each path. In the end, they realise which life is truly worth living, and consequently, which should be forsaken. In a painful decision, Tom gains a deeper appreciation and sense of duty for his chosen path.



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